Report Fitzpatrick to tell the Jets hed sign for one year 12 million

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Anthony Rizzo Jersey It's po sible that the Ryan Fitzpatrick standoff will finally come to an end fairly soon. For months, Fitzpatrick and the New York Jets have been staring each other down, neither side willing to budge from their established negotiating positions. from the , Fitzpatrick may be about to blink ... kind of. "The has learned Fitzpatrick is prepared to end his contract stalemate by letting the Jets know he will take a one-year deal for $12 million guaranteed," Gary Myers wrote. "It's the same money with the same guarantee the Jets are offering in the first year of their frontloaded three-year, $24 million proposal that has backup Chicago Cubs Jersey money in the second and third year." The also has fresh details on the exact structure of the three-year contract offer the Jets have apparently had on the table for Fitzpatrick for months. -- 2016: $12 million guaranteed. The Jets can prorate the signing bonus money over the three years of the contract. Although the breakdown of the 2016 payout is unclear, if the signing bonus is $9 million, for example, the salary cap charge for this season would be a modest $6 million. The $12 million is a nice raise over the $3.25 million he made last year. The three-year offer makes sense from the Jets' perspective: They get a low cap number for 2016 and get Fitz cheap the next two years. -- 2017: $6 million with $3 million guaranteed. It's a no-lose for the Jets. If Fitz is the starter, they get him for relatively next to Kyle Schwarber Jersey nothing in NFL dollars. It he's not the starter and they keep him, he's a $6 million insurance policy for Hackenberg. If he John Lackey Jersey gets cut, the Jets recoup the $3 million as long as Fitz signs with another team for at least that much. If he signs for le s than $3 million, the Jets make up the difference. If he can't find another job or retires after getting cut, they owe him $3 million. -- 2018: $6 million, no money guaranteed. The main difference between this type of deal and the one Fitzpatrick will reportedly tell the Jets he is willing to accept is that the 2016 cap hit for Fitz would be much higher. On a one-year, $12 million deal, the entire contract would count against this year's books, and since the Jets are only Ernie Banks Jersey $3.1 million under the cap at this point, they'd have to find a way to cut $8.9 million in salary to sign him to such a contract. That type of deal would be good for Fitzpatrick, as it is a clear overpay based on the skill level he established through his first decade in the NFL, and it would allow him to hit the open market again next offseason. If he were to play well again in 2016, he'd be in position to sign a deal that guaranteed him a long-term role as a starter. The Jets, understandably, would rather not sign Fitz to only a one-year contract, even if they (rightfully) don't view him as long-term starter material. If they can lock him in for the following two years at Kerry Wood Jersey backup QB prices, that makes more sense for them.
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